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Actor Aidan Turner tackles handbag mugger


The Irish actor has been touted as a hero after he intervened while a mugger attempted to steal a fan’s handbag.


Aidan (31) was at the Odessa International Film Festival in Ukraine talking to a young fan when a cyclist came alongside and grabbed her handbag, before speeding off.

The Dubliner, who plays a dwarf in blockbuster The Hobbit, joked “Fortunately I am not really as short as people who saw the film think I am” quickly managed to catch up with the thief.

The actor, who is actually 5’11” pulled the mugger off his bike and grabbed the handbag from him.

Unsure of what rules regarding citizen’s arrest in the foreign country, the cyclist was able to make a break for it before Aidan knew what to do.

Returning the handbag to the woman, he laughed “It’s great to be a real hero for a change, rather than just an on-screen one. I think the rescue was more like something from Indiana Jones than the Hobbit.”

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be released in December.


Aidan Turner Q and A Odessa International Film Festival





Aidan Turner signs five year contract for Poldark

Pic credit Official Poldark

Aidan Turner has signed a five year contract to play Ross in the new BBC drama Poldarkwith filming for the second series planned for September 2015(...)

As we all know, the BBC isn't flush with money so, unlike American TV stations, often uses relatively short contracts. Giving Aidan a five year one for Poldark shows real commitment to the show by both the actor and the BBC. Those of us who remember Aidan leaving Being Human at quite short notice can feel reassured by it (...)


And one Poldark production photo from Andy Rose Photo (more in site)


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