Sailor Moon Blu-ray and DVD Special Features Details

Want to know a little more about the remastered Blu-ray and DVD editions of classic Sailor Moon? Look no further...

Volume 1 of the Sailor Moon remastered editions, containing Episodes 1-23, is due out on November 11th, 2014. That much we already knew, but Viz has dropped a few new details as to what to expect within.

For one, we now know the contents of the full color 88-page booklet to be included in both the Blu-ray and DVD sets. In addition to a comprehensive episode guide, it will include official art, character profiles, and more. I’m very curious as to what that “more” could entail. Dare we hope for some interviews with the cast and production team of both the original and this new dub? Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Mention is also made of a “signs and songs” subtitle track for the Blu-ray and DVD sets. It’s unclear as to whether this means there will be one subtitle track which will translate those as well as the dialogue or if this more inclusive translation will be a separate track from one that will only address dialogue.

The Blu-ray special features on the discs themselves will include an interactive art gallery and exclusive all-new behind the scenes footage as well as special Sailor Moon convention panel footage and trailers.

The DVD set offers a few less bells and whistles, mentioning only a convention announcement trailer for the set.

Sailor Moon (subtitled version) remains free for streaming on Hulu, Neon Alley, and CrunchyRoll, with two new episodes released every week. As for downloading the episodes to own, Episode 1-23 (subtitled) are currently available for download on iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon Instant Video, Playstation Network, and the Xbox Marketplace for $16.99 in Standard Definition and $34.99 in HD. Individual episodes are also available with an SRP of $0.99 each in SD and $1.99 in HD.

The dubbed versions of the episodes are not yet available to download, and there’s still no word on whether or not they’ll be available to stream (although you can watch a trailer for the new dub right here). As soon as we know, you’ll know, so keep checking back with Den of Geek for all your Sailor Moon news!