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Benedict Cumberbatch, Collin Farell, Hugh Dancy, James McAvoy & Jim Broadbent talk scripts & success
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How does an actor know when he has finally made it? When they stop picking every script, and let the good scripts pick them!

That sounds much easier than it actually is, because with more offers and opportunities there comes even more responsibility to make the next project better than the last, and that all depends on which roles you accept.

It stands to reason then that the top dogs have their own set of rules and standards when it comes to picking roles, as they have been explaining in a video interview released by BAFTA .

Benedict Cumberbatch has had TV and film offers flooding his inbox since rising to fame playing the title role in the hit BBC detective series, Sherlock.

But, while some of the new projects he has embarked on have been a tad on the questionable side, he has explained that he will only pick roles that he thinks will interest him, explaining:

“Usually when I look for a role I haven’t done before I just like to throw some fresh stuff out, and I like to think about how important is this character full stop.

“Not just how big, but how important, how interesting is this going to be to watch, and bring to life.”

Meanwhile Colin Farrell, who starred as Peter Lake in Winter’s Tale, says it is all about the writing.

Hugh Dancy, who stars as Will Graham in the television series Hannibal, shares the same sort of theory as Cumberbatch, revealing that he likes to be intrigued by his character.

“I suppose what I am looking for is to be intrigued in some way, and maybe have a question raised isn’t immediately answered for me,” he said.

“It’s not often that it is necessarily the case that you realise something like that as you are reading it, it might be over the following few days."

James McAvoy, who started out in the Channel 4 comedy drama Shameless before being snapped up by Hollywood, says that a good narrative is what is most important, explaining:

"A really well told narrative is really important I think because often at times when you are standing about on a film set rehearsing, it’s not really rehearsing that you are doing, it is devising.

"And that is because the narrative is sort of forgotten a little bit sometimes."

Finally Jim Broadbent, of Moulin Rouge and Bridget Jones Diary fame, admitted:

"I think I have always been a bit of a cherry picker from the word go. I was quite strict myself about doing jobs which meant I would find out something that I didn’t know before.

"Saying NO is the only real control you have over it at all."

Watch the full interview for yourselves in the clip below;

In other Dancy News:

Hugh Dancy movie The Happy Prince to be shot in Munich
The Hannibal actor will star in Rupert Everett's directorial debut

Dark comedy The Happy Prince follows Oscar Wilde's final days and sees Hugh Dancy play Robbie Ross, Wilde's best friend and the object of his affection.

The Importance of Being Ernest actor Rupert Everett has written the script, and will direct and star as Wilde in the movie, alongside a meaty cast – including Pride and Prejudice’s Colin Firth, War Horse’s Emily Watson and The Fully Monty’s Tom Wilkinson.

Principal photography will start in October at the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich and then move on to other European locations including Italy, Belgium, France and the UK.

BBC Films, Lionsgate UK Raindog Films are heading up the €10m project.


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James McAvoy <3 he just seems so charming.

omg @ hugh looking so fresh casually serving some nipple there god bless <3

I've loved Jim Broadbent's work since The Borrowers. Underrated character actor, tbh

He's marvelous. I was just thinking about Longford last night.

His turn in Blackadder is everything

This post is also known as SEX

Sis, one of these things is most definitely not like the other.

I wanna say you are talking about Broadbent but with Cumberbunns here...

Meanwhile Colin Farrell, who starred as Peter Lake in Winter’s Tale, says it is all about the writing.

AHAHAHA omg -- I love him to death (actually, I love all of these fellas), but this is a hilarious sentence as Winter's Tale was one of the hottest messes in the history of messes. I am still cackling just thinking about it.

lol mte! That's why I used that pic, to mock him a little :x

This post is missing Hiddles.

I was thinking to including a gif in the post just because but I got lazy.

do you have a reblog link

Jamessssssssss <3

I just found out him and benedict are good friends.

Edited at 2014-07-19 04:38 am (UTC)

That gif <3

Although the same could be said for Queen Jess

Hugh Dancy looks soooooo hot in that pic.

I love all these men so much. Bless this post.

YAAAAASSS papa, work that henley!

I recently watched a SAG interview with Colin; he seems so genuinely sweet and hilarious. But LOL @ him talking about picking project based on good writing, right next to his Winter's Tale credit.

Edited at 2014-07-19 04:49 am (UTC)

Hugh Dancy is soooooo cute. This is random, but one of my favorite roles of his is in "Confessions of a Shopaholic" lol

lmaoo yesss that movie is my guilty pleasure. isla fisher is so cute in it too

He was the only decent part of that movie for me. Have you seen The Jane Austen Book Club?

that movie is fucking amazing and not even in an ironic way

I watched that movie only because of him, he is so cute and great, I love him <3 !

yaaasss @ that henley!! pop them buttons

Hugh Dancy looks so hot there.

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