Eddie Cibrian "jokes" that LeAnn Rimes DOES have an eating disorder .....

In a brand with interview with host Jenny Hutt on Sirius XM’s ‘Just Jenny’, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian discussed a slew of recent tabloid rumors. The couple touched on everything from rumors of infidelity, a rumored feud with Carrie Underwood, buzz that LeAnn may be joining ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ and even LeAnn‘s reported “dangerous addiction” to twitter! In a bizarre moment in the interview, Cibrian said rumors of LeAnn having an eating disorder were “TRUE” … Before laughing it off and adding “just kidding”.

Check it out after the cut Jenny: I wanna play a game with you guys because you guys are doing, on your show, you guys are taking the rumors you’re saying this is true this is not true so I wanna play our own fact or fiction with the headlines alright? Let’s do fact or fiction!

Jenny: LeAnn wants a baby but Eddie you’re not allowing it…Fact or Fiction?

LeAnn and Eddie: Fiction

Jenny: LeAnn has an eating disorder Fact or Fiction?

LeAnn: Fiction

Eddie: Fact


Eddie: Just kidding!

Jenny: Ok, LeAnn is has had plastic surgery to look more like Eddie’s ex, Brandi Glanville…WHAT!

Eddie: See these are real headlines

LeAnn: Fiction!

Jenny: Yep they’re totally real headlines because

Eddie: Which is totally so absurd

Jenny: So absurd cuz why would you wanna look like Eddie’s ex wife who he’s divorced from?

Eddie: Counterintuitive

LeAnn: Right?!

Jenny: Redonkulous

Jenny: Eddie is embarrassed by LeAnn’s behavior on the show?

Eddie: Fiction

(Leann laughs)

Jenny: Eddie wanted to have his kids on the show but Brandi wouldn’t let him?

Both LeAnn and Eddie: Fiction! (Laughing)

Jenny: LeAnn…-OH COME ON!…Leann fears that Eddie will cheat on her- That’s just not even a fair-

LeAnn: Fiction


Jenny: LeAnn is dangerously addicted to twitter…WAIT I AM?

Jenny: LeAnn?

LeAnn: Dangerously!? That’s the thing dangerously. It sounds like- someone the other day said I was actually tweeting from my show- which is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard

Eddie: On stage.

LeAnn: Yeah On stage!

Eddie: During Blue

Leann: No I didn’t go to quote on quote tweethab-no no no theres no twitter I don’t need to like be taken away from It

Jenny: I only have like 3 more…you’re writing a scandalous tell all book LeAnn?

LeAnn: No

Jenny: Ok you’re gonna join the real housewives in the future?

Jenny: Are you feuding with Carrie Underwood?

LeAnn: No

Jenny: Ok!

Eddie: Jenny Jenny thank you for setting the record straight

LeAnn: Thank you Carrie Underwood for coming in there and saving my life

Jenny: I needed to do that