Nina Dobrev is 'Nylon' Magazine's August Cover Girl

"For six epic seasons, Nina Dobrev has given us an insta-excuse to make absolutely zero plans on Thursday nights in favor of staying in on the couch with a bag of popcorn, and of course, The Vampire Diaries. The long-running CW supernatural series may have made her a star, but as our August cover girl tells writer Ashley Baker, she's finding plenty of other roles to sink her teeth into these days.

With The Perks of Being a Wallflower behind her and a handful of movies on the horizon—including the action comedy Let's Be Cops and the horror flick The Final Girls—it's clear the 25-year-old doesn't shy away from reinvention. This is what being an actress is all about, after all, and it's a quality that makes her the perfect fit for our annual denim issue."

You can see Dobrev show off her good genes (sorry, had to!) when the magazine hits newsstands on July 30. But first, get a sneak peek at everyone's favorite vampire cool-girl below. "

From Nylon's Website:

On fashion: “I was not a girly-girl growing up….I liked fashion, but I wasn’t very fashion savvy. I didn’t always have all the best outfits….For a while there, we actually shopped at The Salvation Army.”

On her red carpet persona: “It doesn’t feel real because I don’t live in that world. When I go to those events, I’m in town specifically for that, and then I leave later that night. I’ve maybe stayed for the after-party once, ever. It still feels like I’m a fan, in a way. A lot of people are very cynical and very jaded, but I’m not there yet.”

On acting in a comedy: "It’s terrifying. I can get to an emotional place and start crying, but there’s pressure when you think you have to be funny….You really have to be uninhibited and fearless.”

From E! Online:

"I don't like any kind of negativity," the Vampire Diaries star and Nylon's August cover girl told the magazine. "I try to be good to everyone, whether it's a love, a friend, an ex. I'll always try to treat people the way I want to be treated."

And has she succeeded in her quest? Well, costar Ian Somerhalder, who of course also happens to be her ex-boyfriend, certainly thinks so."

"She always lets me have the last fry," he quipped to the mag.

Damon Wayans Jr., who costars with her in the movie, told Nylon, "She really knows how to play a scene—and she's down to do anything for a laugh."

As for her continued work in The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder said admiringly that Dobrev "learned how to access the evil in herself—the evil that resides in everyone. She always wants to do her own stunts. Sometimes they let her, sometimes they don't."

So it sounds as though the brunette beauty will do anything for a gasp, too!

The 25-year-old actress also acknowledged that it's strange to be in a position where complete strangers are so well-versed about her life.

"I really do forget [about that dynamic]," Dobrev told Nylon. "People feel like they know you when you're in their living room, weekly, for five years. But I always get uncomfortable when people know more about me than I know about them."

But it's not as if she's in any rush to get less famous or anything.

"Success is the only option—well, the highest level of success is the only option," she said regarding her plans for the future. "I'm kind of extremist in that way."

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