Farrah Abraham Just Got Unspeakably Awful, Even for Farrah Abraham

Oh, what fools we all have been, thinking all this time that Farrah Abraham couldn't get any worse than she already is. When she was the most annoying "Teen Mom" ever, when she released those ridiculous sex tapes, when she released that erotic novel about sex tapes, every single time we thought "wow, this is the worst." But it wasn't, friends. It wasn't that at all. Because this thing she said in a recent interview is absolutely, without a doubt, the most horrible thing that she has ever done. So far.

See, the interviewer was asking Farrah about her book, and that was fine, but then she asked Farrah what she would do if her daughter came up to her in the future and told her that she was interested in making a sex tape. Here's how Farrah responded:

"She probably won't be saying that, she'll be like 'I HAD to try it,' and then I'll be like 'oh, you already did it, so I'm just going to say make sure you know what you're doing with it,' because, you know, I'll be like 'this is what happened to me as your mom.' It's like mommy talk. It's the birds and the bees, and so you just share 'look, I learned this from it, I hope you don't do that, read 'Celebrity Sex Tape,' learn some lessons from Fallon Opal,' but that's really all I can say."

OK, so there are a few very strange things about this response. The first, most important thing is that Farrah assumes that her daughter will make a sex tape. Like it's not even a question, it's going to happen. And then there's the part where Farrah used her daughter's hypothetical sex tape as a way to promote her book, which is just a brand new kind of gross. Then, if you'll notice, Farrah called this future conversation "mommy talk," because of course all moms have this conversation with their daughters. And lastly, how sad is it that Farrah thinks that this mess is all she can say? About as sad as all the rest of this, that's for sure.