Be ready to cry in your wallets & loans


We all assume that top models like Gisele Bundchen make a ton of money, but according to Forbes, Bundchen’s has had a stellar year and has banked a whopping $47 million or $128,000 per day. Thanks to profitable campaigns with the likes of H&M, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Pantene and Balenciaga as well as her own line of sandals and her new partnership with Hope, a Brazilian lingerie brand called Gisele Intimates, where she will create her own line of lingerie, Bundchen is sitting pretty at the top.

It should come as no surprise though, as Bundchen has been at the top of Forbes’ Highest Paid Models List for seven years in a row and counting. With Bundchen getting so much attention for her earnings, the IRS took note and she revealed to a Brazilian website Mdemulher that she was audited because she consistently topped Forbes’ list of top earners. “I do OK, I earn plenty, but not as much as they say. I’ve already been audited by the IRS because of this list and, truthfully, whether I’m on this list or not doesn’t interest me,” says the Brazilian beauty.

holy sh*t. well if you had the money, what would you do with it?

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