Justice For Jada: KeKe Palmer Speaks Out Against #JadaPose Memes!


KeKe Palmer is standing up for justice and telling her young fans to think before you post!

When 16 year old Jada went to a house party she had no idea it would change her life. After receiving a drink, which she now believes was spiked, from the young man hosting the party, Jada passed out. It wasn’t until the Texas teen logged onto Twitter did she realize the gravity of what happened to her. Images of Jada’s naked and unconscious body were created into a meme, posted on social media and went viral with the hashtag “JadaPose” — it was then that the high school junior realized she had been sexually assaulted.

Now, the brave teen is speaking out and many others are rallying in support turning #JadaPose into #JusticeForJada.


When HipHollywood stopped by the taping of “Just KeKe” we spoke to KeKe Palmer about Jada’s story and what could be done so that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. “People gotta think more about the stuff they post,” KeKe stated, “everything your doing can connect to everyone and I don’t think people realize the power in that.”

As of right now, Jada’s rapist has not been arrested. However, Jada hopes that her story will help bring her attacker and others like him to justice.