Is Anthony Mackie going to be Captain America after ‘Avengers 3?'

If reports of Chris Evans turning his shield in is true, then the same can be said of Captain America Anthony Mackie, at least when the third installment to the Avengers film franchise wraps up.

The Marvel graphic novels are planning to retire Steve Rogers as Captain America, removing the super-soldier serum from his system and finally reducing him to his 90-year old frailty. It's yet to be determined how fans will react to the tragedy, but a new issue (Captain America #25) will hit the stands in October, suggesting a familiar replacement.

Captain America's boy-scout principles earned him a spot as a favorite in the Marvel universe, and Chris Evan's portrayal in the film franchises fleshes out the character. His story dates back seventy years, and speculation on his replacement peg a co-Avenger Falcon, Sam Wilson in normal life.

If Marvel Studios follows through with the storyline of the graphic novels, then it's likely Anthony Mackie will inherit the Captain America shield. In an interview with, Mackie admitted he signed up for the role with sequels in tow.

"Definitely, I signed up for as many movies as I could. I feel like to be in a Marvel franchise can only help me in my career and help me as an actor, so I was willing to go as far as they would let me, in whatever capacity they wanted to retain me. I signed up for, like, 50 movies. [Laughs.]"

Captain America Anthony Mackie is a perfect fit, and the actor is more than qualified for the role. Mackie has several acclaimed films on his belt, including "Million Dollar Baby" and "8 Mile," both Academy Award recipients.

35-year old Mackie has earned enough hours in Hollywood as an Avengers hero, and he might well be the one to play the role of the new (or temporary) Captain America hinted in a planned Avengers graphic novel plot "Time Runs Out" (


What about you, ontd? Do you want to see Mackie!Cap or Stan!Cap?