150 (40) Celebrities Sorted into Hogwarts Houses + Rupert Grint


  1. Dave Franco

  2. Kris Jenner

  3. Michael Cera

  4. Jeremy Renner

  5. Macklemore

  6. Kirsten Stewart

  7. Shailene Woodley

  8. Jason Briggs

  9. Robin Thicke

  10. Anne Hathaway


  1. Josh Hutcherson

  2. Mindy Kaling

  3. Ansel Elgort

  4. Zooey Deschanel

  5. Leonardo DiCaprio

  6. Katie Holmes

  7. Carrie Underwood

  8. Kevin Jonas

  9. Katy Perry

  10. Jimmy Fallon


  1. Lorde

  2. Niall Horan

  3. Robert Downy Jr.

  4. Taylor Swift

  5. Jim Parsons

  6. Tina Fey

  7. Channing Tatum

  8. Natalie Portman

  9. Peter Dinklage

  10. Morgan Freeman


  1. Rachel Bilson

  2. Matt Damon

  3. Elton John

  4. Meryl Streep

  5. Emma Stone

  6. Jennifer Lawrence

  7. Adele

  8. Nick Jonas

  9. Andrew Garfield how qt he and emma obv met while studying

  10. Aaron Paul

Tilda Swinton as Headmistres


dunno how I feel abt this tbh. tho r/mylittlepony/ thinks he's wearing it ~ironically~ bc he's young & hip. better rainbowdash than derpy?
Keeping their love of racing alive and well, Rupert and his father Nigel were today spotted watching the qualifying races (and Hamilton's shock sixth place finish) for this week's Formula One British Grand Prix at Silverstone, alongside none other than Michael Fassbender.

rly diggin this hat tho ngl