Vine sis Nash Grier spouts anti-gay idiocy on Vine

Over 8 million just watched this teen spout anti-gay idiocy on Vine

This 16-year-old has just told his teenage fans that only 'fags' get HIV

A teenager saying something stupid doesn’t normally make the news, but normally 16-year-olds don’t have an audience of 8.7 million people.

One of the most popular users of the six-second video sharing website Vine, Nash Grier has more followers than celebrities like Harry Styles (2.7 million) and Justin Bieber (1.7 million).

On his Vine, the photogenic selfie-obsessed teen posted a video – which we assume he thought was ‘funny’ – but was just homophobic and misinformed.

The post was taken down after a few hours, but not before it could be reposted by gay YouTube star Tyler Oakley.

He tweeted his 2.6 million followers this, accompanied by Nash’s original Vine:

Grier has refused to comment on the homophobic video. Instead, he has only promoted his new videos which make fun of his ‘haters’.

The short video has seen some of his fans click ‘unfollow’, with several critical tweets: