Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride -- Lena Dunham dons Ugly Dress for non-famous friend's wedding

On Saturday, June 28, Lena Dunham stepped out of the spotlight to serve as a bridesmaid in a pal's wedding. Though she didn't name the friend, Dunham posted several photos in a floor-length grey dress with capped sleeves.


"Getting ready for my best friend's wedding," the Girls creator tweeted. "Potent, emotional, feel someone should make a movie about it. Called 'Wedding Of My Best Friend.'"


"Sisters of the cloth," she captioned one image.

She also Instagrammed a picture of the bride's tulle-covered gown, writing, "It waits for her #bride #inthesewoods."

[I hate the fad of catchy hashtags for weddings. Some are downright stupid. What do you hate about Wedding season, ONTD]