8 [5] Bryan Fuller Alums We Want To See On 'Hannibal'

Bryan Fuller has never had a problem with recycling cast members. There are plenty of actors who have appeared on more than one of his series, "Hannibal" being no exception. Take Caroline Dhavernas, who plays Dr. Alana Bloom — she also played the lead in his earlier show, "Wonderfalls".

Similarly, Raúl Esparza (Dr. Frederick Chilton), appeared on a couple episodes of "Dead Like Me", while Ellen Muth played main character Georgia "George" Lass in "Dead Like Me", only to later play a killer with Cotard's Syndrome — also named Georgia. (Fuller obviously likes in-jokes.)

Even Eddie Izzard appeared as Grandpa on Fuller's ill-fated "Munsters" reimagining, "Mockingbird Lane", before taking on the role of Dr. Abel Gideon on "Hannibal".

Given Fuller's propensity for reusing actors, we're sure we'll see some other "Dead Like Me", "Wonderfalls", and "Pushing Daisies" alum interacting with our favorite cannibal. Click through the slideshow to see a few we're hoping for the most.

Lee Pace on "Pushing Daisies"

Though he's better known for his portrayal of Ned on "Pushing Daisies", Pace also starred on "Wonderfalls", playing Dhavernas' older brother. He clearly made an impression on Fuller, who told Entertainment Weekly last year that he spoke to the "Halt and Catch Fire" star about appearing on "Hannibal".

"He's definitely interested in doing the show and I would love to work with him again," said Fuller.

Luckily for Fuller, Pace is game. When asked by TVLine if he'd want a guest spot on "Hannibal", he said, "I love that show. What an incredibly eclectic series of shows Bryan Fuller has made. What he’s doing is so cool with my beloved Caroline Dhavernas, my little sister. So I would love to play someone twisted and dark on Hannibal."

Anna Friel on "Pushing Daisies"

At the same time he revealed he wants to get Pace on "Hannibal", Fuller said he "very much [wants] to work with Anna Friel again." Friel (the murdered-but-brought-back-to-life Chuck on "Pushing Daisies") clearly knows how to play a murder victim.

Kristin Chenoweth on "Pushing Daisies"

In addition to Pace and Friel, Fuller is itching to get Chenoweth ("Pushing Daisies" character Olive Snook) on "Hannibal".

"[She] clearly has to play someone in the Boston arts scene," he told Entertainment Weekly. "Perhaps an opera singer. So we are hoping to make that all happen."

While Chenoweth's cheery disposition seems like an odd match for "Hannibal", we're sure Fuller can figure out a way to work her into the show organically. Maybe she can be a soccer mom with a deadly secret or something.

Callum Blue on "Dead Like Me"

Fuller, who left the show after the fifth episode due to creative differences with MGM, only got to work with Blue for a while, but it'd still be nice to see them back together. Plus, we're sure that Blue, (Reaper Mason on "Dead Like Me") would make a — pardon the pun — killer Francis Dolarhyde.

Britt McKillip on "Dead Like Me"

Since "Dead Like Me" ended, McKillip (George's sister Reggie), had mainly focused on voiceover work (including as Princess Cadence in the "My Little Pony" series), but we think it's about time she got back to the small live-action screen for Fuller.


Who do you want to guest star, ONTD?