Selena's upcoming Greatest Hits will put an end to the Disney-Selly we've come to know and love!

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Pulling a Hilary Duff a la “Best Of”, the star will record a few new songs to add to the collection of hit singles she’s had over the years.

Before you go “What greatest hits?” you should know that Selena has had seven platinum singles in her career:

2,502,000 "Love You Like a Love Song"
2,300,000+ "Come & Get It"
1,964,000 "Who Says"
1,960,000 "Naturally"
1,000,000+ "Slow Down"
1,000,000+ "Tell Me Something I Don't Know"
1,000,000+ "A Year Without Rain"
917,000 "Round & Round"
566,000 "Falling Down"
541,000 "Magic"

500,000 "Hit the Lights"

The album is probably gonna put an end to the Disney-Selly we've come to know and love, as she wants to move "into more adult-orientated fare." Sounds a bit dodge to us, but nevermind.
Selena’s new manager is Aleen Kesheshian, who manages the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman.

You can expect Selena’s greatest hits CD sometime before the end of the year!

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Which of Selena's hit singles is your fave, ONTD?
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