‘Pokemon X And Y’ News: Mega Diancie Revealed! Plus Mega Volcanion, Hoopa Coming Soon

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Though many are focused on the upcoming "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby" games you shouldn't forget about the sixth-generation "Pokemon X and Y" titles. If you remember late last year leaks of the legendary "Pokemon X and Y" trio in the form of Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa were revealed.

Back in November 2013 a hacker named Smealum leaked all the information about Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa with pics and even "Pokemon X and Y" new attacks. While Diancie was officially revealed Hoopa and Volcanion were never mentioned by Nintendo. But with GameFreak's confirmation of Mega Diancie this led many fans to believe the other legendary Pokemon were coming soon.

Does the confirmation of Diancie mean gamers can expect Mega Volcanion and Mega Hoopa soon? Well that's up for debate. Mega Diancie, Sceptile and Swampert weren't leaked prior to their official announcement at E3 2014 early this month, yet gamers recieved all three. As iDigital Times reports Nintendo is capable of sending out new updates of "Pokemon X and Y" at any time so gamers can definitely expect not only those legendary pokemon but a plethora of other Mega Evolutions.

Meanwhile, thanks to Smealum again, it is rumored that Mega Latios and Latias have been lying in wait and locked away inside "X and Y" game carts for some time now. While it isn't known how the Mega Evolutions will be unlocked Pokemonxandpokemony.com have revealed the megas will come with new and interesting type and ability changes.

According to the blog Mega Latios will remain a Dragon/Psychic type pokemon but will gain the Adaptability ability. With this, Mega Latios will receive double attack power when it comes to STAB (same type attack bonus). As for Mega Latias, this pokemon will receive a type chane with Dragon/Fairy as well as a new ability. Mega Latias receives Multiscale allowing the pokemon to receive half damage from attacks when it has full HP.

Source: latintimes.com

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