‘Hannibal’ Will Be Getting Major Love With The Soundtrack Release

Hannibal developer Bryan Fuller tweeted yesterday that the show will be receiving a proper soundtrack release, stating that the OST, “…will be 2 volumes (S1&S2) and 4 discs (2 per season)!” The music is composed by Brian Reitzell, who also composed the newly released game Watch Dogs (more details here). You can see the tweet below.

Personally, I can’t wait for this release. I just hope it gets a vinyl issue because it seems like that would be so much more along the atmosphere of the show. Plus, even though we haven’t really seen Hannibal listening to music, I’m willing to bet he’s a vinyl junkie. Just seems to fit his personality a bit more.

Part of S01 OST (fanmade recompilation)

Also, remember they will be at Comic Con

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