Arian Foster's alleged Mistress Gives Birth


The woman claiming NFL star Arian Foster knocked her up and then tried to force her to have an abortion has welcomed a baby boy into the world ... and she claims he looks just like daddy.

Brittany Norwood gave birth to Gatsby Alexander Norwood Foster Monday in Houston.

Brittany tells us, "he's perfect." And she wants to make this clear ... the kid looks "identical to my biological father's baby pictures."


TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brittany sued Arian for refusing to pay her medical expenses. Brittany claims when he found out she was pregnant he tried to strong-arm her into getting an abortion.

For his part ... Arian hasn't acknowledged he's the father ... and claims to have recordings proving Brittany is lying about the abortion.

Sources close to the Houston Texans star tell us Arian's aware of the birth.



Brittany Norwood, the alleged former mistress of Texans’ star running back Arian Foster, has delivered her baby boy.

Norwood claims her child is the result of an affair she had with Foster last year. Monday night, Norwood sent out a message on her Twitter page saying, “I’ve never loved anything so much. My baby boy is here after an excruciating 24 hours of labor.”

According to other tweets from her account, she plans to name the boy Gatsby.

In May 2014, Local 2 reached out to Norwood’s attorney, Doug York, but he would not comment because of a gag order in place by the judge. She filed a paternity lawsuit against Foster and in return he filed a defamation suit against Norwood. Both parties are expected to return to court now that she has given birth.

Fosterhas been with the Texans since 2009. He’s married with two children.


College student, 21, who says she is having married NFL star Arian Foster's love child is due any day now... as it is revealed he is already paying child support.

Brittany Norwood went public in January with claims that she is pregnant with the Houston Texans running back's baby

Arian Foster, 27, has been married to German-born model and singer Ariana Reinhart since 2011.

Brittany Norwood is suing Foster, 27, to determine paternity of the child and claiming emotional distress.

Norwood went public in January with claims that she got pregnant during an affair last year with Foster and that he and his brother tried to pressure her to have an abortion. He denies those allegations.

Foster has been married to German-born model and singer Romina Reinhart since 2011. They have two children together.

The three-time Pro Bowl running back signed a five-year, $43.5million contract in 2012. He made $5.25million last season.


Adding: 'Live and learn, I can only hope and pray my son turns out to be the man his mom is.'


However, a source told KPRC-TV that Foster is already giving financial support to Norwood.
Earlier this month, she tweeted about Chanel designer handbags with the hashtag '#noknockoffs.'


In another post she wrote: 'Taking my Herve out of the closet so I can admire it. I can't wait to have my body back with my baby boy accessory,' referring to the famous 'bandage' dress by designer Herve Leger.


She also wrote: 'Baby chino and linen. I love dressing my little baby doll already!'

In April, she tweeted: 'I can't wait to order a Shirley Temple in a few short hours and be like "No please check my I.D." #finafreakinly21.'

Foster himself hasn't commented.

Both Foster and Norwood are due in court for paternity test proceedings once the baby is born.

She sues Arian.

Arian sues her.

[Word is, they met at the Hotel Zaza. Not surprised he met a jumpoff there. She looks like a Jessica Simpson knockoff.]