Tonight's Catfish episode might be the most confusing love triangle yet.

Strap in, guys: We’re getting ready for this week’s new episode of Catfish, ”Miranda & Cameryn,” and we have a feeling it’s not going to wrap up quite as nicely as last week’s episode did with Solana and Elijah. Once again, someone’s ignoring every glaring red flag that’s popped up in their relationship, all in the name of love — but really, who hasn’t been guilty of that? This time around, it’s Miranda’s turn, and she’s part of the weirdest love triangle we’ve ever heard of. It’s Miranda, James, and Cameryn, except James and Cameryn are the same person. Confused yet? I’ll try to explain.

It all started back when Miranda, a 21-year-old from Minnesota, fell in love with a guy named Cameryn who she (obviously) met online. I can’t blame her — after Catfish showed his photos, I almost fell in love with him. Damn, he’s cute. But as most cute internet boyfriends tend to be, at least on this show, Cameryn wasn’t the real deal, and he proceeded to lead Miranda on.

Then, as they always do, the excuses started happening just as Miranda and Cameryn got close enough that she wanted to meet him: A family emergency here, a broken down car there, and, of course, Catfish’s classic “My webcam is broken.” How many times do Nev and Max have to tell you guys? Skype. It. Out. Seriously. If they won’t Skype, move on. But matters of the heart are not always solved by Skype, and if they were, we wouldn’t have such an awesome show.


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