Boston EMS: Dozens hospitalized during show at TD Garden

Dozens of teenage ravers were hospitalized tonight during a show at the TD Garden featuring a Swedish DJ, Boston EMS said.

Many of those attending the electronic dance music show featuring DJ Avicii arrived already intoxicated, said Deputy EMS Superintendent Mike Bosse.

EMS transported 22 people to the hospital, and 12 more were being evaluated, Bosse said. After he gave that estimate, patients continued to stream out of the TD Garden. EMS later called for a bus to take another 10 people to hospitals.

“This street is being secured for EMS and EMS only,” Bosse told security at the Garden. “So you better send somebody to talk to me.”

Bosse said he contacted the Boston Police Licensing Division, which arrived and cited the TD Garden for allowing a large number of intoxicated concert goers on the premises.


A similar incident happened at an Avicii concert in Toronto last month