Mario Balotelli is NOT HAVING IT

The striker, who suffered a backlash after Italy were knocked out of the tournament in Brazil, posted a video on the social networking site of a fan who he claims racially abused him.

The fan can be heard saying in Italian: "Mario, the problem is that you're not even an Italian, just quit."

Alongside the post Balotelli responded: "I'm Mario Balotelli, I'm 23-years-old and I didn’t choose to be Italian... I was born in Italy and I've always lived in Italy. I really wanted to win the World Cup and I’m angry and disappointed in myself.

[This] Balotelli has a clear conscience and is ready to carry on stronger than ever. I'm proud of what I have done for my country."

"Africans would never drop their brother in it. Never. In this, us n*****s, as you call us, we’re light years ahead of you. Missing a goal or scoring less is not a disgrace, but these comments are embarrassing. True Italians, no?"