A WHO post: Matt Smith is jealous, Colin Baker thinks Capaldi is "perfect"

What makes Doctor Who the longest-running sci-fi series in history? A great team, a great cast, great characters...?

Matt Smith can tell you exactly why and he doesn't need many words to do so...

"Is there a better format for a show?" he asked the audience at the Wizard World Comic Con last weekend. "Man can go anywhere. Man picks up hot chicks. Man travels universe. Man fights aliens. Man can change. Beat that, television. James Bond's got nothing on us."

Well said, Matt Smith. Although we reckon Karen Gillan's hopes for new Doctor Peter Capaldi could make for an even better format. "I'm hoping he swears all the time and they bleep it out with Tardis sounds," she joked with the crowd of Whovians in Philadelphia.

Smith - who calls Capaldi a friend - also has high hopes for his successor. "I think he's going to bring his reinvention and I think it's going to be really bold and really interesting. He's a fabulous actor, he's having a great time. I think he's pretty tired now they're on week 24."

But the eleventh Doctor does have one bee in his bonnet... "Can I just add - not that I'm bitter - they're going to Mexico City, Rio, Seoul and Sydney. We went to Belfast. Belfast is a nice place but it's not Mexico City."

Smith: Doctor would have got mean

Matt Smith has admitted that if he had carried on playing Dr Who, his character would have ditched his good nature and become tougher.

According to the 31-year-old actor, who quit the sci-fi series last June, if he had stayed on the show longer, the 11th Time Lord would be fiercer.

Speaking at the Wizard World Comic Convention in Philadelphia he said: "If my Doctor had carried on he'd have become a bit meaner and a bit tougher."

He added: "The universe would have weighed on his shoulders a little more which would have been cool."

"Damn, I should have stayed," he continued.

Fans of the hit BBC show are eagerly awaiting Peter Capaldi's debut as the 12th Time Lord in August.

Matt is set to star in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut The Lost River and has been signed up for a role in Terminator: Genesis.

Doctor Who: Colin Baker calls Peter Capaldi ‘perfect’ and David Tennant & Matt Smith ‘bloody kids’

Everyone was very sad when 11th Time lord Matt Smith announced his decision to leave Doctor Who last June, but equally we were all excited to see who would be brought in to replace him.

Having had a dip in The Doctor’s age over the last few regenerations we had left our minds completely open as to who the next chosen one would be, with some people even predicting a female casting for the role.

So it almost came as a surprise when Scottish The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi had been cast, because he was just so old school ordinary.

But that is precisely one of the many reasons why he will make such a great Doctor Who, as former Time Lord Colin Baker has been explaining in a recent interview.

When asked by Red Carpet News Flash if he thought Capaldi would make for a good Doctor Who, Baker excitedly replied:

Peter is a perfect fit for the role. And if they hadn’t come up with the idea, eventually someone would have because his work leads inextricably to playing Doctor Who.”

He went on to add that Capaldi is a brilliant actor in his own right, and he’s delighted that he’s taking over. Not only that, he’s “grown up” unlike all the “bloody kids” who have been playing the doctor over the past decade.

But is the age of the Doctor really such an important thing?  Apparently so, as Baker explained that Capaldi is around the same age as William Hartnell was when he first started playing the Doctor, so to him, it really is an important quality.

However, despite the last couple of Doctors being pretty young, Baker did praise both David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Matt Smith (11th Doctor) as their performances convinced him that they were 900 years old, going on to be 1,000.

He went on to add: “They have got a female market now because of those two young guys, girls are now watching it, and hopefully they will continue to once they see and older man playing the part superbly, which I absolutely know that Peter will!”

Doctor Who is currently filming its eighth series in Cardiff, with a view to being shown on BBC1 in August later this year!

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