Survivor Blood Vs Water (27) Castaway Caleb Bankston Dies

Fans of "Survivor" feel very close to the contestants of the show after getting to know them. On Tuesday, reports started to come out that Caleb Bankston (on right) passed away after a railroad accident. So far none of the big media outlets have picked up on this story but it is spreading like wildfire among the "Survivor" fans. Survivor Oz went to his Facebook page to share the news. He simply said, "Unconfirmed reports Caleb Bankston has passed away. Our thoughts are with Colton (left) right now at this difficult time."

The Republic shared a report about an accident that did kill someone. They do not share a name but it is being passed away that this is the cause of Caleb's death. It simply says a man died after an Alabama Warrior Railway in Birmingham accident.

If you don't remember Caleb, he played in "Survivor: Blood vs. Water." He was the loved one of Colton Cumbie. This was his fiance and the two were obviously very close. Watching them play you could see that he was Colton's rock and what kept him strong. These two had plans to get married and this has to be heartbreaking for Colton to go through. Nobody has ever had anything bad to say about Caleb at all.

The contestants from his season of "Survivor" have started to change their profile pictures to a picture of him. Several of them now have pictures of themselves with Caleb up on their page. Ciera changed her Facebook picture two hours ago. Jonathan Penner went to Twitter to try to find out if the news is true. At this time, the answers he has been receiving are just fan asking if it is true or not.

There is no information about exactly what happened or when the accident occurred. More information should continue to come out about this story.

Source - States as unconfirmed but several castaways from Survivor and other CBS reality shows have confirmed it.

I wasn't a fan of Colton but Caleb was awesome and you could see during BvW how much they cared for each other. Their wedding was set for this coming October. So sad :(