Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth reuniting with Shannen Doherty!?!? YES!!!!!

In an exclusive interview with me, Jenny Hutt on my SiriusXM Just Jenny show today, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth of ABC Family’s #MysteryGirls (debuts Tues, 8:30pm ABC family) spilled some shocking 90210 secrets!
The girls ALSO revealed that they may soon reunite with Shannen Doherty! And you’ll never believe who Tori Spelling would want to play her in a movie version of the classic show.
MORE AFTER THE CUT Jenny: “So I wanna play a game with you guys called 9021-KNOW IT ALL”

They Laugh …“Awesome”

“I can’t have you here and not play it” so

Jenny: Alright If you had to pick one current actress to play you in a movie version of 90210 and who would it be… and WHY TORI GO

Tori: Oh my gosh, wait play like young or donna now? Or

Jenny: Donna whenever! I mean…

Tori: Oh my god who would…

Jenny: elle fanning?

Tori: Who would play Donna? Someone that’s silly someone like the grown up like someone that’s goofy like Kristen Chenoweth

Jennie: Oooo

Jenny: Oooh Good call I like that! Great call/ Kristen Chenoweth would play a great Donna Martin

Jenny: Who would play you? (To Jennie)

Jennie: Oh! I thought I get a different question

Jenny: No you get that, you get all the questions!

Jennie: Who would get me who would play me?

Uh Uh Uh Uh…Uhhh uhhh who would play Kelly? I’m not good at this

Mumbles *this is a hard one*

Jenny: Alright we’ll pass on that one!

Tori: Meryl Streep!

Jenny: Ooo, wow we’ll go with that!

*All Laughs*

Jenny: We’ve aged you quite a bit, shes such a good actress she can totally play like 17

Jennie: She can totally play younger

Jenny: Im right there with you

Jenny: If you had to be stranded on an island who would you rather be stranded with Shannon or Tiffany and why?

Jennie: Jen?

Tori: Ummm

That’s a tough question…

*Jenny Laughs*

Jennie: I would rather be stranded with…Shannon..yeah

Jenny: Tori?

Tori: Laughing… Is jenny an option? I don’t wanna have to pick between Shannon and tiffany I feel like that’s wrong so I’ll just pick jen that will make it easier

Jenny: that’s lovely

Jenny: And on the new show if you had to pick someone to come do guest spot who would it be… on Mystery Girls?

Tori: we’ve been thinking it’d be fun to have Shannon

Jennie: Yeah we’d like to have Shannon

Tori: The original threesome

Jennie: Oh my god could you imagine…

Tori: Me, Jen and Shannon so that’s how it should be on this show

Jenny: People would go crazy for that

Tori: Yeah we’ve been shooting some ideas around; it has to be the right role for her

Jenny: I’d have to say watching the show mystery girls what’s so fun is the chemistry the two of you have…it’s just there…Like you turn on the show and you’re like omg I’m watching the girls again, there together again cause I know some people like the new 90210 and I’m like nuh uh, im like the old version was the only…

Jennie: That’s an example of a cast that really didn’t have that chemistry you know, its hard to find actors who have that just

Jenny: if it works it works

Jennie: It’s like lightning in a bottle, you either have it or you don’t

Jenny: It really was, so those friendships did they pretty much endure over the years?

Jennie: They’re there I mean they’re always there that relationship when we would run in to one of them you’re gonna feel that connection people are gonna see you guys interacting they’re gonna notice a connection Its inevitable

Tori: We went through a lot together yeah

Jenny: Of course, and who would win in an arm wrestle Luke or Jason?

Girls together at same time: Jason… *laughs*

Girls: I think Jason

Jenny: You think Jason?

Yeahh…Luke has been going to the gym lately

Jenny: But back then it was so funny cause Jason was always like a little bit he was like a hockey player and it seemed like he was heartier

Girls: Yeah

Jenny: .. than luke was but luke was the badass

Tori: Stockier but luke’s, luke can throw down I don’t know

Jenny: Oh my god…so the two of you must have the best time doing this show, what do you miss about being on the other show with so many people you were friends with back then?

Jennie: I don’t miss anything

Jennie: I mean that’s terrible to say but I mean we had…

Tori: I used to miss Jen but now I don’t have to because im with her again everyday

Jenny: Oh its so great

Jennie: Oh I don’t miss those long hours, I don’t

Tori: It was really… We shot like 17 hour days

Jennie Agreeing “Yeah..”

Tori: Like two episodes at once sometimes, we were young we could endure all that…

Jennie: We would do whatever they said

Tori: Remember when we would do, what did we call them? Double ups?

Jennie: Double ups…ugh!
Tori: Double Ups! So instead of like 22 minute episodes they would do like 34 episodes that season and theyre wasn’t enough time so they would shoot two episodes at once so you’d be filming two hour long shows in one week so you would go from one set and they would drive you to another set to film part of the other episode

Jennie: They didn’t take our well-being into consideration

Tori: No…

Jennie: At all..*laughing*

Tori: We were young and we could persevere

Jenny: But I think that’s sorta the misunderstanding with actors. People just think it’s all glamor

Girls under their breath: Oh my god…

Jenny: So that it wouldn’t be exhausting but its hard work!

Tori: Really hard work .. its really hard work

Jenny: Yeah!

Jennie: I mean it’s hard it’s not like I’m in the sun digging a ditch or like loading

Tori: It’s a different type of muscle

Jennie: It’s a mental um , it’s a different type of mental exhaustion that requires you know really keeping your brain super engaged and keeping that internal light shining for I mean to be connected and I mean enigmatic long…its exhausting.

Jenny: And and..

Jennie: And on your feet too.

Jenny: and having your girls.. and I know you have girls and boys Tori, having your girls watch you and watch you balance it all do you feel like that’s in a way empowering them and giving them an example of that’s what they can do ?

Jennie: Absolutely I mean I see um I see my 17 year old

Jenny: Its crazy you have a 17 year old

Jennie: Yeah, really appreciating me right now especially and I think its definitely inspiring them

Jenny: and how would you feel about your kids going into the entertainment industry?

(points to tori) I know your kids have been on tv, reality tv Tori but if they wanted to go the root of entertaining in a more traditional tv kinda sense how would you feel about it

Jennie: How would you feel about it? *under her breath*

Tori: Im not opposed to it but its definitely not something I would push them into. If its something they felt strongly about I would want them to be very well educated on what it was about you know its not…I see so many people that just wanna be in it for the fame and glamour again they think its not hard work there’s a lot of rejection obviously , it’s a hard business you’re scrutinized constantly

Jenny: and you know that very well cuz of course, I know you lost your father and im sorry about that , I lost my mom so I get it (ick!) but um, you grew up in a business where you could have had calls made and you still auditioned and had to fight for it and im sure you along the way had rejection

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