Lance Bass films new pilot with Cheri Oteri & Johnny Stimson

Lance Bass films new TV pilot "Sunset on Sunset" with special guests Cheri Oteri & Johnny Stimson

This is the song Johnny sang which officialy released today:

Here are more pictures from the event, not sure when it will air, or if it will get picked up (it was a pilot)? But the guests were amazing! Johnny was mesmerizing, this is what his song bio states: "Johnny Stimson brings an effortless shimmer of RnB-Pop with “Sugar,” maintaining a dimensionality that leaves the listener with a taste that’s better than sweet."

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Filmed last Wednesday 6/18 @ Pearls Bar & Liquor on Sunset Blvd, LA.

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Johnny Stimson Song
Pictures: taken by me

Cheri Oteri was soooo funny! Glad she made surprise guest appearance. Reminded me of her SNL days. Favorite old-school SNL skit? simmah down nah!!

What do we think of "Sugar"?