Lana Del Rey cites The Queen of Rock as her inspiration

Lana Del Rey has named Courtney Love as being a huge inspiration to her.

Speaking on France Inter's 'Laura Leishman Project', Lana said that Courtney Love had been a huge inspiration to her over the years, due to her role as a "strong woman" in the history of music. She also mentioned that she was honoured to now count the Hole front woman amongst her friendship circle.

''Courtney Love's a big inspiration," she said. "I like her, I talk to her a lot. I just went to her show... when she was playing in London. I like people who are similar to her, like Joni Mitchell types or Stevie Nicks, who are both strong female characters.''

Source: Contact Music.

Bless this queen's impact. Haters and Nirvana fanboys to the left plz.