Alex & Sierra Debut First Single "Scarecrow" on 'Today Show' + Interview w/ 'Glamour'

The singing couple hit the stage for a performance of their song "Scarecrow" on The Today Show (June 23).

Get to Know the Adorable Singing Duo, Alex and Sierra

"Recently Alex and Sierra, the winners of the final season of The X-Factor, stopped by our office and sang an acoustic version of their brand new single, "Scarecrow." To say it was an intimate performance is an understatement. The real-life couple played their song for just me and one other co-worker, but by the end, the entire Glamour staff had their noses to the door, trying to get a better look and listen to the relaxed, uber-talented (and totally normal) duo. I spoke to the Florida natives while they were on their way to the airport for another New York City trip about what we can expect from their upcoming album (out this fall) and a certain celeb who makes the best smoothies. Read on!"

Glamour: How has your life changed since The X-Factor?
Alex Kinsey: People come up to us now from time to time. It's still new and weird, but in a good way. In general, there's a whole lot of anticipation and excitement going on everyday.

Glamour: What can we expect from your upcoming album?
Sierra Deaton: There's a lot of variation on the album. It's not just filled with slow or upbeat songs, so we hope it becomes one of those albums that you can listen to without the songs ever sounding the same.

Glamour: What was the songwriting process like?
SD: We spent a week at the producer Julian Bunetta's house in Malibu. It was on the side of the mountains and there was a studio in the house. We got a group of producers and songwriters from the show together and spent five days writing songs together. Alex and I had never written together before this, and it was a really laid back and magical experience. Most of the songs on the album came from that time. It was one of the coolest weeks of our lives for sure.
AK: We came out with twenty songs in five days.

(*~Lyric Video ~*)

Glamour: Wow, that's productive! So tell me about the lyric video for your single, "Scarecrow." It's adorable!
SD: We wanted a lyric video that was more interesting than just words across a screen. The music video we filmed for the video is a lot more serious, so we thought this would be a fun way to show another side to the song.
AK: We're fun people and we like to do silly things. We thought this was a whimsical idea for a video. Plus, puppets are cool.
SD: The puppets aren't supposed to be us—they're supposed to be the puppets we'd be best friends with.

Glamour: That's so cute. So through this whirlwind of a ride, what's been the coolest thing you've done so far?
SD: Jason Mraz invited us to spend a weekend with him at his house to write a song together. We woke up to him making smoothies for us. It was the most surreal thing ever.

Glamour: Wow! What kind of smoothies did Mr. Mraz make you?
AK: It had kale and a bunch of fancy herbs, but it tasted great. It was supposed to have avocado, too, but they weren't ripe yet. It was delicious.

Glamour: That sounds pretty heavenly.
AK: I also got to go surfing with him twice.
SD: So did I!
AK: I was like, okay, I can die happy now. That was my goal in life.

Glamour: Will the song you wrote with Jason Mraz be on the album?
SD: Hopefully we'll make it a bonus track. We really love it.

Firs episode of their web-series: Alex & Sierra take fans along on their promo tour in New York City.

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