Natalie Portman at the Miss Dior Exhibition


The celebrities who attended the exhibition included Miss Dior’s muse Natalie Portman, Korean star Song Hye Kyo and China’s beauties such as Angelababy and Zhang Ziyi.

Natalie Portman was sure to take the opportunity to attend the opening of a Miss Dior exhibition. She is currently in China for the Shanghai Film Festival.

The 33-year-old – who has been the face of the Miss Dior fragrances since 2010 – looked radiant in a unique white dress as she posed for pictures at the event.

Among all, Song Hye Kyo especially drew attention of local reporters as she looked absolutely stunning more than ever. In a simple black dress and glamorous nude tone makeup that were finished with Dior Skin Nude BB and Dior Adict Lip Glow, China’s all-time favorite Korean star Song Hye Kyo indeed looked alluring.

The exhibition of Miss Dior is held from June 20 to July 20 under the theme of ‘Miss Dior’s original fragrance and creation.’ At the exhibition, there will be 16 female artists’ works that were inspired by Miss Dior. Among them, there will be one Korean designer Lee Bul’s work as well.