Why Do Americans Love Steven Moffat's Shows, and What Gives Benedict Cumberbatch a Sweaty Sheen?


Both Doctor Who and Sherlock are huge successes in America as well as here and writer Steven Moffat credits their 'Britishness' for their popularity stateside.

Talking to The Guardian at the Cannes Lions Festival, Moffat revealed it's about 'being yourself'. "The way you appeal to other cultures is to be yourself," said Moffat. "Americans like British shows. If they elect to watch a British show they want it to be terribly British. Why wouldn't they? Just as with watching an American show - we want it to be full-on American. The Britishness isn't amped up (in Sherlock and Doctor Who). It comes from being made by British people. There is something incredibly British about Doctor Who, but I couldn't say what it is."


From the elegant coat, to the chiselled cheekbones framed by his shiny dark curls, Benedict Cumberbatch's image as Sherlock is iconic. But it almost went horribly wrong when the actor's hair turned green after his locks were dyed black - in keeping with the original character in Arthur Conan Doyles' novels.

According to the show's make-up artist Claire Pritchard-Jones, it caused a mad dash to the hairdressers the DAY before filming of the pilot began. Here are four more behind the scenes Sherlock style secrets sure to pique the interest of any consulting detective fan.

- Claire also reveals that actor Andrew Scott's 'cold stare' as psychopath Jim Moriarty was achieved with the help of 'guy-liner'.

- As for that moustache Dr Watson sported in series three? Martin Freeman hated it, she says, and tried on 10 styles before agreeing to one - and he still shaved it off earlier than scripted.

- The tattoo on the Siberian torturer is totally authentic - a researcher spent a whole day in the library researching one.

- Making Sherlock look like a drug addict in His Last Vow was hard work, according to Claire, but was made easier thanks to it being really hot when they were shooting - and Benedict developing a sweaty sheen!

Do you love Moffat's shows because ugly white men saving the day and treating women like garbage is the peak of Britishness, ONTD?

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