Watch Three Guys Dominate Beyoncé's Dance Moves in High Heels

Some of us can barely hobble down a city block in high heels, while others can fiercely stomp through a Beyoncé medley without missing a step.

This is a video of the latter.

YouTube user and choreographer Yanis Marshall recently posted a clip of his newest creation inspired by Queen B. Marshall (he's the one in the middle) and his two equally leggy comrades are shown twerking, chest-thrusting and hip-popping in front of a group of understandably enthralled onlookers. In a mere two minutes these fast-moving fellas shake it to four different Beyoncé club bangers, including "Crazy in Love" and "Upgrade U."

Sadly absent from the potpourri of pump work are "Single Ladies" and "Drunk in Love." Maybe, if we tap our stilettos together three times, we will get a round two.