Rise Up Britney Jean! It Should Be Easy to be the next European single!


An Italian music site has supposedly confirmed that It Should Be Easy featuring will.u.stop is getting the single treatment in Europe where it's going to be officially released as the album's third single! Looks like the Britney Jean era isnt dead afterall!

"It Should Be Easy is the new single from Britney Jean . On June 13 in Italian radio the song that sees the collaboration of rapper and producer will.i.am is the third song from the last album of the princess of pop. It is a single reserved exclusively for the European market, since in the U.S. everything is silent in this regard. Good news for fans of the Italian Spears, who will finally be able to request a loud voice what could potentially be one of the summer hit of the year."

The song was also apparently serviced to Italian radio on June 13th


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