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Jourdan Dunn and David Gandy lead the T-shirt invasion at the Burberry Prorsum LC:M presentation
ophiodeiros wrote in ohnotheydidnt

They may have worn some of the most lavish pieces of fashion in their careers, but Jourdan Dunn and David Gandy know when to appreciate the simpler style in life.

Both models arrived to the Burberry Prorsum London Collections: Men runway show on Tuesday in plain T-shirts that pulled together their whole outfits. Jourdan’s grey tee stood out against her black skinny jeans and matching biker jacket, while David’s white top looked crisp with his cream blazer and blue trousers.

Sat next to the rapper was BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, who decided to forego the classic Burberry trench coat in favour of an anorak. Not wanting to upstage Gandy, Greg wore a blue T-shirt and jeans with brown lace-ups to really complete his Countryfile style.

There were a few Georges present at Tuesday’s show, with models/musicians George Craig and George Barnett in attendance. The two dapper gents have both featured in campaigns for the British brand and are no doubt a firm feature at the shows each season, whether on the front row or on the catwalk.

Belle star Sam Reid, The Feeling’s Dan Gillespie-Sells and Croatian model Robert Konjic were also in attendance at the show held at Kensington Gardens.


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david gandy's penis is nice

Did I miss something somewhere?

There's quite a few naked shots of him in the D&G book.

It's everything... mmm...

Gandy needs to become a nudist

Saint Guillermo Ochoa wills it so

Dead @ Saint Ochoa. He had a fucking amazing game.


I've probably bitched about this on ontd before but god that's my least favorite fashin~ thing, wearing a jacket but not putting your arms in the sleeves. I think it looks so stupid

she's hella pretty but sis lay down the eyebrow pencil


her eyebrows look SO stupid

2014 is still the year of the eyebrow epidemic

A bit to spidey...my senses are tingling. I love her though lol

is it messed up that in a post with tempah and gandy, greg james is the one i'd chat up? idec he's a beige cutie and i like it

Jourdan is stunning!! <3 rme @ dem eyebrows

Cara has the same leather jacket and I would do anything for it omg

everyone has this jacket, bailey must have send it as a freebie to entire population of primrose hill or sth

Thanks for mentioning the brand, I was looking for it

Jfc someone give me theirs, I just looked it up on Burberry and now I want to cry

I see she's rocking the anastasia beverly hills instagram tagged eyebrows

lol this accurate description

Gandy isn't my normal type but lawd I so would.

get in me david gandy
jourdan can get in me too

Gandy is not aging well, this late 40s realness. So much better in motion.

god, Gandy is literally perfection.

Jourdan looks perfect as always.

the 2nd to last one is my fave pic of him

sigh I don't think he'll do this kind of photoshoot ever again </3

Is this Gandy guy straight or gay ?

I think straight.
I know he used to date Samantha Barks a while ago.

She's really pretty but her accent drives me up the wall.

Lol I like it, she's basically one of those bougie-hood black girls from London and I love how she doesn't try and hide it.

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