Video of Brad Pitt's Make It Right Gala (May 17, 2014)

This chick was in the right place at the right time at multiple moments through the night -- and she posted a video. It's been on Youtube for a month but not on ONTD yet.


- Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock auctioning off a BMW
- Sandra Bullock and Sofia Vergara chilling in said BMW
- Chris Rock hosting / Kings of Leon performing (very brief)
- Front row view of Bruno Mars performing
- Angelina dancing two feet away and Brad rocking a tambourine onstage, then dancing together (check 6:41-6:54, 7:28-7:35, and 9:32 onward)
- Celebrity cuteness, etc.

SOURCE (sorry I forgot this, mods!)

ETA: HQ semi-professional pictures from the event