ONTD's Most Wanted Has an Obsession With Face Oil

Rashida Jones uses face oil to achieve a flawless complexion, and is always happy for her make-up artist to take the lead.

The American actress is a regular at red carpet events and always sports a glowing complexion and tamed tresses thanks to her style team, Matin Maulawizada on make-up and hair stylist Lorenzo Diaz.

While 38-year-old Rashida generally channels a more understated look, her skin always looks fresh and dewy which Matin reveals is all down to her pre-make-up routine.

"She's really into oil, and I'm obsessed too. I massaged some on her face before applying primer and foundation," he divulged to People magazine.

For the recent TBS/TNT Upfront event in New York, Rashida rocked a side ponytail and a fresh-skinned look. She accessorised her Tanya Taylor skirt and top look with a slick of pink lipstick and matching blush.

"It was a morning event, so I wanted her to look casual. The blush is a really bright pink that I blended out.

"I explain what I'm doing, and she goes, 'That's great!' She's very confident," Matin said of his easy going client.

For her hair, Lorenzo adds that she is as equally laid back.

"It's effortless! Rashida wanted her hair out of the way, so we pulled it to the side into a low, loose ponytail.

"[It took] About an hour, because I blew her hair out, then set it with a curling iron and styled it," he added. And when Lorenzo gets Rashida in his styling chair he revealed the pair of them can't stop talking about food.

"We're both foodies, so we talked about our favourite restaurants," he smiled. "We both love [Burmese restaurant] Burma Superstar in Oakland."


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