Big Brother Beauties Of Seasons Past List

CBS has put together their list of some of the top beauties of past Big Brother seasons. Who would be on your “best of the best” for the beautiful women who have passed through that front door?

With fifteen past seasons to pick from this wouldn’t be an easy list to make, but I think I’d agree with most everyone here. You’ve got Janelle, of course, Britney, Lisa from all the way back at BB3, and lots more.

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Jen Johnson

Jen competed in Big Brother 8 and became the second jury member of the season.

Britney Haynes

America fell in love with Britney in Big Brother 12, and she returned as one of four coaches in Big Brother 14.

Candice Stewart

This former beauty pageant contestant competed last summer in Big Brother 15.

Elissa Slater

Elissa placed sixth in Big Brother 15 and also won the Fan Favorite Award.

Janelle Pierzina

Janelle has played Big Brother three times! She placed third in both Big Brother 6 and Big Brother All-Stars, and also returned as a coach in Big Brother 14.

Lisa Donahue

Lisa competed in Big Brother 3 and won!

Cassi Colvin

Model Cassi competed in Big Brother 13.