Zendaya Snags The Role Of Aaliyah In Upcoming Film

According to our sources, sweet faced singer/actress Zendaya Coleman has snagged the role of Aaliyah (who was affectionately-known as ‘baby girl’) in a biopic which is set to debut on VH1 later this year.

Back in September, Aaliyah’s uncle Barry Hankerson let the cat out of the bag that a biopic was in the works, and soon after, whispers of a casting call made it’s way online. BET host Keisha Chante, who has been lobbying for the role for years, even alluded to her Facebook fans that she tried out for the part, but it was Zendaya who ended up coming out on top.

We are told the official announcement will be made this week and filming will begin in the next few weeks.


i mean i guess...i only know her from that one song tho