Father of The Bride 3 reportedly in the works

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It seems appropriate that Nikki Finke brought news yesterday of the revival of another 90s franchise. But this time it doesn't involved monsters, superheroes, aliens or anything with blockbuster flair. Instead, Steve Martin is returning for Father of the Bride 3, a sequel to follow the first two film's from 1991 and 1995 respectively. However, Nancy Meyers won't be coming back to direct this time, and it will be the first two films' screenwriter Charles Shyer writing and directing the sequel. And this time, the story will have a relevant gay marriage twist with Martin's son Matty as the one getting married to the son of a US Navy Seal.

And for anyone who has seen the first Father of the Bride films, you can probably guess that George Banks (Martin) doesn't handle the news very well as a conservative, traditionalist. The father is "thunderstruck and speechless" about his son's revelation, so much that Nina (Diane Keaton) kicks him out of the house. In the first two films, Matty was played by a young Kieran Culkin, and enough time has passed that he could easily return in this role as an adult to play the role. We also hope Martin Short is able to return as the foreign Franck Eggelhoffer. Right now Disney and Warner Bros. are figuring out the situation with the rights to the film with Shyer scripting along with Marc Klein (Serendipity, A Good Year).