5 out of 13 Comics That Smash The Patriarchy

For summer reading that breaks glass ceilings.

1. Captain Marvel (Kelly Sue Deconnick, 2014)

What It’s About: Carol Danvers, former fighter pilot, current part-alien superhero, and all around badass proves why she’s Earth’s Mightiest Avenger as she battles time travel hijinxes, dinosaurs in Central Park, and her own deteriorating mind.

Number Of Male Tears Shed: The number of times you’ve wished you could rock Cap’s excellent fauxhawk.

Where To Start: Here, and the current 2014 run continues here.

2. Ms. Marvel (G. Willow Wilson, 2014)

What It’s About: Kamala Khan is just an average Muslim teenager in Jersey City until an * incident * that leaves her with shapeshifting abilities, trippy visions of the Avengers, and the mantle of Ms. Marvel. Bonus points for including a very practical fanny pack in the homemade costume.

Number of Male Tears Shed: The number of times #MURICA scrolls across your Twitter feed.

Where To Start: Here.

7. She-Hulk (Charles Soule, 2014)

What It’s About: Jennifer Walters juggles the pressures of being an attorney and being an Avenger, but the two sometimes blur together when She-Hulk does whatever’s necessary to defend her clients.

Number Of Male Tears Shed: The number of suits on Wall St.

Where To Start: Here.

9. Saga (Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples, 2012)

What It’s About: A little girl tells the story of her star-crossed, fugitive parents raising her as they run from bounty hunters with cats who sense lies, robot princes, scorned exes, and an intergalactic war with deep racial tensions.

Number Of Male Tears Shed: The number of actual tears you’ll shed reading this amazing comic.

Where To Start: Here.

13. Black Widow (Nathan Edmundson and Phil Noto, 2014)

What It’s About: Natasha Romanoff atones for her days as a KGB assassin.

Number Of Male Tears Shed: The number of times Scarlett Johannson’s been asked about her diet by a reporter.

Where To Start: Here.

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