Croatia players in World Cup 2014 media ban over nude pics

Croatia's players are refusing to talk to World Cup reporters after photos were published of them bathing nude in the team's swimming pool.
Two photographers hid in the nearby bushes and took the pictures which were published by some online media outlets.

'I can't force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families,' angry Croatia boss Niko Kovac told reporters in the team's Praia do Forte training base.

'How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won't speak to you lot anymore and I don't know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign.

'I respect my players' opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.'

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