The Khia to Azealia's Foxy releases an album

Early into the second song on Junglepussy’s excellent debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed, she raps, “How dope is this? Teach you how to grow and live.” The line—rapped quickly, with her rollicking flow, kind of like a slinky expanding and contracting with each breath—also works as Junglepussy’s motto. She’s here to please you, help you, teach you, and, most importantly, introduce you to her tropical lifestyle.

It took nearly two years since her first song, “Cream Team,” and even Erykah Badu asking for more, but the 22-year-old FIT student formerly known as Shayna McHale finally came through with a self-help album for the people. “I wasn’t like I want to make music so that I could be amazing and everybody would love me,” she said when we met yesterday afternoon for an interview. “People really wanted me to do it. The people were asking me to share my thoughts and views on things, and I can’t deny them of that.”

On Satisfaction Guaranteed, Junglepussy teaches you how to eat, date, text, and live the life of a take-no-shit power bitch, all over a set of lush, deep, and dark beats by Shy Guy and Mel Masters. Girls, take notes. Guys, try not to catch too many feelings. Everyone—put this on heavy rotations for maximum effect.

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Every female rapper releasing albums before least this goes harder than Iggy