VIBE: What Danity Kane Learned From Social Media, the Music Industry & More

"On a recent trip to the VIBE headquarters in New York City, Danity Kane sat down in the hot seat to share some valuable lessons the girls learned while making their way in the music industry. From amateur singers to superstars, Dawn, Shannon and Aubrey have been through a lifetime's worth of ups and downs. In this exclusive interview, listen to what DK has picked up while navigating through life's mazes."

Lessons Learned from Social Media
Queen Shannon: "Don't read everything, don't read the comments. It'll just sit in your soul. It'll drive you crazy."
Dawn: "Don't get on it."
Aubrey: "If you don't like what the haters say, don't be one yourself."

From Success:
Shannon: "It's the journey."
Dawn: "Success is a state of mind."
Aubrey: "Trust yourself. Everybody has an opinion in our industry, and everybody thinks that they know what "it" is and "it" is whatever you want it to be."

From Failure:
Shannon: "Not to be afraid of it; everyone's going to fail - that's the process. And, that's up to you to choose if it's going to make you better, or if you're going to give up."
Dawn: "Failure is needed to appreciate what greatness feels like."
Aubrey: "How to love myself; failure is the easiest way to figure out who you are, what you are, what you want."

From Being in a Girl Group:
Shannon: "We all have our own lanes, and it's all about communication. Having a successful relationship is communicating it. It's really easy in this industry to just assume and guess, and get on the defensive of things, but really listening to each other, being respectful of where another is coming from [...] Being patient in all circumstances and being sympathetic."

Dawn: "Never put your expectations on anyone else. I can't expect her to be 'Dawn'; I cannot expect her to over exceed in the craft that I love, the way that I am. I can expect her to be 'Aubrey' [...] That's a lot of the time why girl groups break up, because they're not doing their part, but maybe they are doing their part [...] They're doing their part. Just not the part you want them to play."

Aubrey: "This time around it's becoming so clear. You can't change who people are [...] You have to be so understanding in life when you're in groups. It's just like family --- like you're not going to make somebody you. We understand life so differently. The second that I think that I know these two [Shannon, Dawn] or the other two [Aundrea, D. Woods] that are no longer here was when I was failing. And the best thing that I ever learned is to keep your mind open and always try to see the best in everybody's thoughts, even though you don't understand the process."

From "The Industry":
Shannon: "Don't expect anyone to do it [anything] for you."

Dawn: "Hollywood" in the music industry is just a "mistress" in life. It'll never be your wife; long-term husband or wife, it'll never stay with you and be with you in the worst of times or best of times. Your art will, and your passion will."

Aubrey: "Align with what Dawn said; one of the biggest managers in the industry [that represented DK] said from the very beginning how "disposable" we were. And I think the only reason we've been able to come back after 5 years is because we all did continue to go on with our art. All three of us here have released solo albums that went #1 [Interviewer: And you all have your own fan-bases outside of DK].

[...] We continued on creating.

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Source: VIBE