Taco Bell Drops New Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

Taking advantage of the summer swelter weather, Taco Bell announced the roll out of their newest beverage: Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. The drink collab brings the elusive Dr Pepper Vanilla Float flavor (think ice cream soda) and repackages it in a slushier version.
The new item was first spotted testing in St. Louis, Missouri back in May, and we’re assuming the positive feedback encouraged the DLT-slinging chain to offer it nationwide. Conveniently, the new freeze roll-out follows Monday’s launch of the Quesarito – a quesadilla-wrapped burrito not unlike Chipotle’s own “secret” menu item.
We’re just waiting for the day Taco Bell reinvents the hamburger. In fact, here’s a head start.


Favorite iced drinks, ONTD?