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Calvin Harris Is Single - HALLELUJAH
Adam Wiles
deathcrew77 wrote in ohnotheydidnt

After a couple of months of speculation, Calvin Harris has confirmed he is no longer in a relationship with Rita Ora.

Follow up from this post.


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she seemed more into him than he was into her tbh

comments like this piss me off so much how did you come to this conclusion exactly? by looking at a couple candids? like you have no idea what went on in this relationship just stop. 

it's not a big deal. damn.

did you ever look at candids of them together??
their body language says it all

So is she going to take care of the baby herself or ...?

sis got that (romanian) hit single and bounced

she's with qt pie Dougie Poynter iirc

they need to make a song together again

That song was so superior to what he has out now :/

She was NOT into him during this video tho. She looks like she's being polite in this gif. Super awkward.

no i already sewed it onto my other penis to have a double penis

edit: im sorry would you like some

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I guess Rita...

did let him down

Rita looks like she smells like a tampon that's been in for 8+ hours

That's so oddly specific. Please change your tampons more frequently.

I don't have a vagina. I don't even have a torso. Check your fucking limb and body privilege.

No, that's Chloe Sevigny and Alicia Silverstone.

is 8hrs too long or....? I have done that on occasion on light days

Did anyone really care enough for him to share this information?

this OP is forever pressed and and obsessed so i'm going with a yes. wouldn't be surprised if they stalked either harris or rita irl

I think theres like 2 of us who are stans on here

But a lot of ONTDers like his music/think he's good looking

The level of thirst for him is weirdly disproportionate to how basic his looks and music are

girl he is tall, fit, and white. that's a 10/10

Idk who this guy is, but I'm going to agree on the looks part after seeing the gif above.

mte lmao. i liked him when he made better music / looked more scottish than hollywood

there is a gif in this post and his face is derpy as hell

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Sis, his early music was free of flaws. I will stan for the Calvin Harris he was.

you can't be talking tho

There was speculation?

I bet it's because he's still tryna figure out what exactly it is she does for a living, besides fuck dudes for fame...

wow, they announce their split right after the song they did together hit #1? WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?!?!?!?!1?!

What song? And that's hilarious

He produced Rita's song Never Let You Down which is number 1

lol speculation from who? Vegas bottle service girls?

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