Iggy Azalea covers Billboard

Iggy Azalea is sitting pretty these days. The plucky white rapper from Australia graces the cover of this week's Billboard as "Fancy" occupies the top spot on the Hot 100. Her record success -- she also raps on the No. 2 song in the nation right now (Ariana Grande's "Problem") -- has not come without criticism of her hip-hop credentials.

"We get so caught up, especially in rap, with what's authentic, and I wish people would think more about what the f- that even means," says Azalea, 24. "One critic was like, 'Why didn't you talk about more Australian things?' I don't understand why I'm supposed to write a song about living in the outback and riding a kangaroo to be authentic."

Go behind the scenes of Iggy's Billboard cover shoot in the exclusive video interview below, plus check out five things we learned about the quickly rising star.