End of RHONY? Ratings Lowest Since 2008 & Last Episode Hit New Low!


Should Bravo Media’s new slogan for RHoNY be #NecrophiliaByBravo as sadly that might be an apt description after Aviva Drescher’s father, George Teichner disgustingly one upped last week’s waxed scrotum discussion to this week’s speech on what he would do at Ramona Singer’s funeral. Yes, you can’t make this stuff up. However none of Teichner’s antics are helping to bring in new viewers and seemingly they’re conspiring to lose even more of previous year’s viewers. Last night’s (unlucky?) thirteenth episode of this sixth season was viewed by just 1,134,000 viewers a reduction from last week’s (then) season low of 1,167,000 viewers. For the second week running the 18-49 demo ranking was 0.40 and this week that totaled 518,000 viewers in the ad buyer’s preferred demographic a reduction of 28,000 from last week’s 546,000. It is the viewers in this age group that Bravo Media’s advertisers most covet and that is the audience that since the fourth season that RHoNY and its production company Shed Media US have shed – and shed them in droves.

Through thirteen episodes of this sixth season this iteration of the Real Housewives franchise has posted a ratings high of 1,479,000 and now two consecutive episodes with fewer than 1.2m viewers and thus RHoNY’s ratings continue at levels below any of their prior seasons, particularly in respect to the number of viewers aged 18 to 49 years. Worse, RHoNY’s sixth season is also rating 13% lower than (what at the time were) the disastrous ratings that Season 5 achieved (scroll down for the full season ratings table). Season-to-date this season is averaging just 1,314,538 viewers overall and 645,462 aged 18-49 – Demo 0.52. That puts this season in positive ratings territory for overall viewers only when compared with the 2008 freshman season, but even when compared with that, its ratings within the 18-49 demo have declined. The largest declines have come in the most important 18 to 49 year aged group, -22.45% compared to Season 1, -52.97% from Season 2, -58.36% compared with Season 3, -44.17% compared with Season 4 and even -20.06% from last year’s fifth season.

Last season, which averaged 1,583,714 overall with 874,429 aged between 18 & 49 years only reached those heights because the second half of that season (episodes 11 to 20) averaged 1,780,300 viewers per episode with 1,005,200 of them aged 18-49 – demo 0.79. For this season to catch up viewership has to rise to over 2m viewers for each of the remaining 7 episodes but nothing I’ve seen shows that the upcoming drama can match or exceed that of last season’s Pirate Gate and George’s non hairy balls or his deigns on having sex with dead corpses just isn’t cutting it.

source: http://bravoratings.com/2014/03/12/real-housewives-of-new-york-city-season-6-ratings/

can bravo save rhony with a complete recast? who would you like to see stay if any of the current cast did?