Ferris Bueller's Day Off house sells

The Ferris Bueller's Day Off home -- where a Ferrari was sent crashing through a window during a climactic scene -- has been sold for $1.06 million. But the new owners of the Chicago property weren't solely interested in acquiring a piece of film history.

"They bought it for the architecture," Maladee Hughes, the listing agent for property, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The home, originally built by Ben and Fran Rose in 1953, includes four bedrooms, four bathrooms and parking for six vehicles. The pavilion was built in 1973 as an artist studio.

The property had been listed multiple times over the years. As of August 2013, the home's listing price was $1.5 million. "They're not going to change it, they're going to restore it, they're going to keep everything the way it is," Hughes said of the new owners, who haven't been named.

The home, in a wooded area of Chicago's suburbs, played a key role in 1986's Bueller as the residence of the main character's best friend, Cameron Frye.