Phil Collins briefly comes out of retirement to sing at sons' middle school

Yes, feeling the love! Phil Collins came out of retirement, for just two songs, as he performed his classic 1981 hit "In the Air Tonight" and 1986's "Land of Confusion" at his sons' Miami Country Day middle school in Miami, Fla., recently. The singer surprised the crowd, gave a brief speech, and was then joined by students from the school's band for the unexpected comeback.

"I was here yesterday and we did a soundcheck in rehearsal," Collins, 63, said on stage. "I've met all the kids who are up on stage, of course. I met most of the teachers today, and it's a lovely school. I've been here a few times before to pick the kids up, but you are all very lucky to have so many committed stars. So congratulates to them, well done."

"Also, I was nervous," the singer added. "I've been doing this all my life, but it's still, 'How good could it be tonight?' And all of these kids came up to me yesterday and were very brave -- and made me feel a part of the band." (Collins shares daughter Joely, 41, and son Simon, 38, with ex-wife Andrea Collins. He's dad to actress Lily Collins, 25, with his second ex-wife, Jill Tavelman, and shares sons Nicholas, 13, and Mathew, 9, with third ex-wife, Orianne Collins Mejjati.)

Collins announced his retirement back in March 2011 during an interview with FHM magazine.

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