Silverchair. Remember them?


We all know how Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies has been spending his time since the band went into hibernation back in 2011 - hamming it up with wife Jackie on 'The Real Housewifes of Melbourne', and launching his own brand of pre-mixed cocktails. But what about the other two? And is there anything even remotely musical on the horizon?


Still with the Gillies - the entrepreneurial couple held their launch party the other night in Melbourne, where guests sipped on various concoctions from the LaMascara line. Not there though were the folks from over at ToneDeaf. They had themselves a private little LaMascara tasting party, designating each cocktail it's own Silverchair soundtrack.

Raspberry + Lime Cosmo -

What they said:
- “Chyka said it was her favourite. Chyka lied to me.”
- “It has a really familiar smell…”
- “It tastes like I just ate a bag of stock standard chemist store jelly beans, urinated it back into a cup, and drank it."

Coffee Martini -

What they said:
- “It smells like coffee. That’s a good sign.”
- “Why is it so slimy? It’s like velvety mud.”
- “It’s seriously like I got the drip tray from the coffee machine, poured the charred leftovers into a glass, and took a shot of it.”

Cloudy Apple and Mint Mojito -

What they said:
- “It reminds me of that mouthwash they give you at the dentist.”
- “It smells like the thing you leave inside your toilet to keep it clean.”
- “I feel like the opposite of an international rockstar right now.”

Keeping with the musical theme (ahem), it might be worth mentioning that Mrs. Gillies let slip that Ben has been working on a new album in LA.


Bandmate Chris Joannou has been significantly more subdued than the Gillies', having recently opened a new restaurant in his hometown of Newcastle. Called 'The Edwards', the bar-resturant-café is actually a converted laundromat which had been run by Joannou's parents. Of Silverchair, Chris had this to say;

Silverchair have been on hiatus since 2011 – are you ready to drop everything to go back and record or tour?

Joannou: Yeah, well it’s definitely my first love, music! But look, there’s nothing on the horizon or near future. It’s just been great to have something to pour heaps of energy into. There’s a great creative element in this.

Have your Silverchair bandmates been in to see the place?

Joannou: Yeah! Dan came in with a whole bunch of friends, and Ben came in just before we opened.

Any constructive criticism?

Joannou: Um – I didn’t hear how bad Dan’s hangover was the next day, but… [laughs]

Finally, and in significantly more musical news - word on the street is that Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns is not too far away from releasing his first solo venture.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 4.32.36 PM

A minimal if promising placeholder webpage launched earlier this year with a brief message from Daniel, coinciding with a collaboration with rapper 360.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 4.43.10 PM

Of working with 360, at the time he had this to say;

"Neither of us ever expected I'd end up singing on the song too but we both really liked the demo so eventually we thought - 'Why not'?," Johns said. "Hip hop is obviously more 360's world than mine but we had a lot more in common than one would expect so it was a really interesting collaboration."

Johns has also worked on collaborations with Kimbra, the Veronicas and Luke Steele.

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