Star Wars Episode VII rumors

There are a couple of rumors making the rounds, so let's start with the more plausible one: Hannah Levitt-Collins, Chloe Bruce, and Florian Robin will be working on Episode VII as stunt doubles. The Jedi Council Forums had a post claiming that Daisy Ridley's character was "EXTREMELY gymnastic" and that she would be doubled by "a dancer called Hannah Collins." An extra on set of Star Wars Episode VII told me "today was very exciting, very exhausting, but really awesome. it was all about action today, explosions were awesome, and Daisy amazing like always, light on her feet, sharp face, beautiful, quick, and very polite."
Also, is Hannah Levitt-Collins, a dancer/model from London, Daisy's double for some scenes? There's evidence she's on set with her, just as there was with Chloe Bruce, the amazing stunt woman.

Further backing this up was a tweet from Florian Robin showing him and Bruce training in Abu Dhabi at the Qasr Al Sarab, a hotel connected to the crew in previous articles about Star Wars filming. Plus, Robin's photo matches a photo John Boyega posted to his Instagram a few days ago.

Less certain is a video that is purported to be of Ridley training on the Episode VII set. The video was posted 16 days ago and was tagged #episodevii and #daisyridley 8 days ago. The same person also posted a photo tagged "#darkside." So take it all with a grain of salt.


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