Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart lands in transgendered woman's online flirtation story

It’s time Jennifer Lopez’s boytoy Casper Smart stops acting so dumb.

A transgendered woman has been trying to shop around a story claiming she shared
private Instagram messages with J.Lo’s 27-year-old boyfriend last week, and
claims to have screenshots saved of the messages and photos to prove they were
flirty online, Confidenti@l has learned.

The editor of, Nik Richie, tells us transgender bikini model Sofie
Vissa has reached out to him asking for money to sell her tale. She also sent
proof — in the form of screenshots of her alleged Instagram chats with Smart,
which he has since allegedly deleted from his own account history.

“I can confirm she has naked images of Casper Smart and Casper has nude images
of (Vissa),” Richie tells us.

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez were close at the annual GLAAD Media Awards in
April in L.A.
A person who claims to be Smart direct-messaged Vissa, from the choreographer’s
official Instagram account, also commenting on Vissa’s bikini pics, writing, “I
just thought you were a tiny, skinny Asian girl with big boobs LOL.” The
following post says, “Ur not.”

The person posting from the account also sent her a private message reading: “I
wanna see more what else ya got?” in response to a sexy bikini shot she posted.

The Dirty’s editor, who in July 2013 was the first to expose former New York
mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner as a sexting fiend, tells us that Vissa also has
naked pics J.Lo’s beau sent her and is ready to spill all.

“She’s trying to sell her story. She has naked pictures of Casper that were part
of their direct-message conversation,” Richie says. “They were communicating
last week on May 19. I’ve seen them.”

The Instagram messages soon turned more intimate, with the duo contacting each
other soon after through text messages, Richie claims.

“She certainly has a plan,” Richie says. “She seems adamant to tell her
story. Casper told her he wanted to communicate not so publicly. Why is he such
an idiot? He can’t tell her he likes her pictures, because people will see, so
they are texting. I don’t think he knows she’s a man.”

The site has since posted pictures of Vissa, posing in a bikini, while Smart has
been in Puerto Rico flashing his abs while playing in a celebrity flag football
match at the Hiram Bithorn stadium in San Juan.

After we contacted Smart’s rep, his Instagram account appeared to be edited and
a few private videos of him and J.Lo were deleted, along with selfies of the two
and charity work Smart has recently done.

Lopez’s rep did not return requests for comment. Smart’s rep says there is an
impostor out there going by @beausmart, but confirms Smart’s official handle is
@beaucaspersmart, the one from where the messages allegedly came from.