First Photos of Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan in ‘A Many Splintered Thing’

Between production on “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Captain America: Winter Soldier,” Chris Evans was busy filming the indie relationship comedy, “A Many Splintered Thing.” Shot in 2012, the film has yet to be screened or released to the public, and although there is still no word yet on when it will be released, or even if its production is complete, the first photos of Evans and his co-stars have surfaced.

The story seems simple: unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experience. This sounds exactly like all of my own personal forays into creative writing, but there’s a few hints to suggest this is more than a story ripped from the screen of a teenager’s tear-stained laptop.

First is the fact that the main characters are simply named Narrator (Evans) and Her (Michelle Monaghan), which possibly signifies this is going to lean more towards a meta-romantic comedy. Second is the intriguing cast lineup. Anthony Mackie, Patrick Warburton, Topher Grace and Giovanni Ribisi star, while Aubrey Plaza, Martin Starr, Ashley Tisdale, Ioan Gruffudd, Luke Wilson, and Philip Baker Hall also have appearances.